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Training and Opportunities, 2023

Updated: Dec 31, 2022

Shin-Gi-Tai Course dates:

18th February 2023 - Harmony Aikido, (Heidi Hancock sensei).

25th March 2023 - Cilfynned Aikido, (Peter Thomas shihan).

8th - 9th April 2023 - Easter School (Soke Gwynne Jones).

30th April 2022 - Torbay Aikido (Ray Brown, sensei).

20th May 2022 - Treorchy Aiki Ryu (Mike Williams, so-shihan).

10th - 11th June 2023 - Pre-dan and 1st Dan Gradings (Soke Gwynne Jones).

15th July 2023 - Weapons and Ki (Soke Gwynne Jones).

19th - 25th August 2023 - Summer School (Soke Gwynne Jones).

14th October 2023 - Aiki Aikido Academy (Laura Williams, sensei)

9th December 2023 - Christmas Course (Soke Gwynne Jones).

Ty Sign Aikido Saturday Sessions:

Interest has grown in us having a Saturday session in the mornings which will start in 2023.

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