Easter Course 2022

Updated: Apr 23

Over Easter Weekend, our association hosted a four day course where I trained three out of the four days. On each day I trained, it was great to see and train with old friends and meet and train with some new faces. What I was reminded of was how the pandemic has been hard on all of us, how it has affected everyone in different ways.

From a training point of view, I was dismayed at my mat fitness (shocking), how rusty my techniques are (even worse), at the gaps in my syllabus knowledge (not as bad as I thought), and at how my confidence has fallen in demonstrating when called out. I'm not going to mention my ukemi (🙈) - let's just say I'm still sore a week later!

It's been a humbling yet happy experience and a good lesson for my own development. As an instructor I'm always focused taking the lesson and helping others. The course has given me focus and drive to get back to par, to focus on my training, looking at grading this August. Gentle, achievable goals.

Above all, the three days of full training has been a joy to get back on the mat. A joy at being thrown again, of shared laughter (at myself and others) over stiff and sore muscles, of stiff knees, a cracked finger from a jo - all the joys of hard training shared by like minded people.

Something I couldn't name but missed these last few years. Truly, my happy place. Just sharing the joy that comes with training.

Nothing else matters - just the training.

Sensei Marc.

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