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Autumn Term starts Thursday 9th September 2021!!

Updated: Aug 30

Hope everyone has had a fun and relaxing summer! Training resumes for both junior and adult classes for the eight weeks of the autumn term. This term we'll be focussing on getting back our mat fitness and build up our movement and techniques to allow all members the chance to get back into training.

The focus between now and Christmas will be our 'First Tai Ghi' as well as seeing where our techniques meld in within our blocking and defence!

Increase in Fees:

In response to the current climate, a decision has been forced on us meaning that our class fees have increased. I've kept the costs down as low as I can as Ty Sign Aikido is and has always been about training and never about cost.

The new fees are; juniors £4/Seniors £5.


Please note, licenses are being processed and will need to be processed through our licencing officer 'Vicky'. As often as not, you will have plenty of notice before your renewal date is due. As ever, any issues or problems please let us know, however, you must have or be in the process of having your license processed in order for you to train.

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